Sto para pente is back

Sto para pente, the tv series that had all greek tv viewers around the globe talking about it last year, is back for the new tv season 2006-2007. The five main characters of the plot continue their search to solve the mystery that they found themselves into.

The first episode was aired tonight, October 9th, 2006 and it is #27 in the series. Stay tuned till next Monday for more.


6 comments so far

  1. Soula on

    I would like to know if “para pente” exists in DVD like the 1rst season packed in a DVD-box !

    if not that would be a great idea for Xmas !!

  2. zoi eisenreich-lipiatou on


  3. Eleni on

    We get the show via DishNetwork…but are now seeing the same episode over and over again…what’s up with that? aren’t they showing any new episodes?

  4. Bill on

    OMG-best show ever- i wish i was on DVD so i could bu it online,the only place im seeing the show right now is on MEGA. they have new episodes in rogers cable.

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