Sasha – Involver 2

Sasha will be releasing the second ‘Involver’ album under the famous Global Underground record label, in 2007. This was officially announced today on the record label’s newsletter. This is great news for the dj’s fans and if it is going to be as good as the first ‘Involver’ then we are in for a treat.


9 comments so far

  1. Damien Lowry on

    Happy days!!

  2. Jes on

    I will be creaming my strides when this badboy comes out

  3. Phil on

    Gema Downey has a whiney, whingey voice

  4. Wes on

    Well Jes, I have already went through 3 pairs of strides with the amount of cream i have produced after hearing this cd was out this year!

  5. Hardie - Live on

    polish my nuts an serve me a milkshake lads , cause im all tanged up about this bad boy! rock on! (bitch)

  6. Mark Roberts on

    Nice one, Involver was pure genius and melodic music heaven.
    Involver 2 better live upto expectations.

    Mark North Wales

  7. psilopath on

    uh has it come out yet?
    involver 2 that is?

  8. Lennox1481 on

    Involver 2 is coming out June ’08

    check GlobalUndergrounds Myspace he talks about it during an interview at the WMC

  9. nick mee on

    involver 2’s due out the end of this month (august). Been finished for a couple of months. From the man in the know and good friends of sasha’s 2nd in command!

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