First post using Windows Live Writer

I just downloaded Windows Live Writer and decided to give it a shot. This post is not meant to be a full review for the program but rather a first use impression.

So far so good. The program opened and seems quite simple. It was very easy to install it in the first place and then configure it to work with my blog.

The layout of the program is simple as well. It reminds me of writing a document in Microsoft Word. (It looks like it, with a scaled-down look).

I just noticed that there is a button that allows you to change the layout or view. For now I am using “Web Layout” but I have the option to “Norma” (which looks more like writing a blog post), “Web Preview” and “HTML Code”. Pretty neat. The “Web Preview” shows exactly how the post looks so far in the blog. And there is absolutely no delay in rendering the preview.

Just checked the spelling and I am ready to post the entry on my blog. The tool is indeed very handy! I think I will use it more from now on.


4 comments so far

  1. Sovereign John on

    How does it compare to Perfromacing blog editor?

  2. becs on

    Hi, I had similar problems uploading pictures to wordpress. I think its a wordpress thing having trouble taking in external content.

    Anyways the workaround for me, which IMO is a better way anyway is to upload pictures to FTP server if you have your own webspace. Many ISPs give free webspace so you could upload to that if you have it. Create a folder especially for the pictures on the FTP space. In Live writer, go to edit weblog settings and choose images to go to FTP, follow the prompts to add your settings. It works brilliantly.

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