I Flock

WOW! What a browser. By far Flock is the best browser I have ever used since I started surfing on the internet. I stumbled accross it yesterday night and decided to give it a test drive. And I am glad I did.

I was prety loyal to IE until now and I was using IE7 till yesterday. But over the past few days IE was geting stuck when opening a few tabs, it was slow and it was crashing on me. And then came along Flock, a Firefox based browser.

Flock has a clean interface, nice layout, but most importantly it is fast. I mean blazing fast, compared to IE7 and even Firefox. I browsed to websites that are usually a bit heavy on loading; not with Flock.

Flock is branded as a social web browser, allowing you to share media and connect to others in an easier manner, share photos and  stay up-to-date with website content. It even incorporates blogging functionality. But I think it achieves many other things every browser should. It feels light, it is fast and it is easy to use.

So  for now I will say goodbye to IE7 (I had enough crashes already) and Firefox (too heavy on loading). I Flock.


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