Soda Inc. – Night Fever

I first heard this track in a club and realised that it is one of those summery tunes that make you feel happy and make you feel like dancing. The track is getting more and more airplay these days on the radio, as well as in bars/clubs and I am guessing it will become a “hit” soon; it was in the summer too but the crowd didn’t know what it was.

Soda Inc.  Inner Version

You can buy the record entitled “Inner Vision” from Humpty records, for 11.95 euros, which includes Night Fever.


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  1. Jost Gerischer on


    It’s Jon Silva here, 50% of Soda Inc. and singer of Night Fever.

    Really glad you like the tune so much and hopefully people will dig it much more in the future;)

    Get back to me via email, if you like & thanks for the support!
    Cheers from Cologne…Jon/Jost@Soda Inc.

  2. penny on

    night fever is one of my favourite songs…imagine how good it fits greek summer clubbing… keep up the good work…

    PS Jon you have a very sensual voice…

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