I Flock – part 2

In my first post on Flock I mentioned only good things about it. So now it’s time to mention some bad things about it. Or at least one bad thing about it (in my opinion), which could be imrpoved in future releases of the web browser.

What I came not to like about Flock are the favorites and the way the user is allowed to organise them. The fact that the user is not allowed to have sub-folders, or sub-collections in Flock terminology, is really annoying and inconvenient. As a result of this I ended up having a very long list of “collections” in my favourites and I often find myself scrolling through the long list looking for a bookmark.

So I hope that in a future version Flock will incorporate sub-folders (or sub-collections if you like). Flock people are you listening?


2 comments so far

  1. Will Pate on

    Folders are coming in the next major release. We are listening 🙂


    Will Pate
    Community Ambassador, Flock

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