Flock eating my memory (for now I hope)

I have been using Flock for a bit more than a week now and as it is only natural I got to know the browser way better and got to observe many things about it. One of these things I recently observed is that it consumes way too much memory out of my 1GB RAM.

The memory usage for the browser came close to 96 MB of RAM while having 5 browsing tabs open. At the same time IE7 was consuming around 70 MB of RAM, with the same number of tabs open.I don’t know if Flock has a memory issue (I read that there was a memory leak a couple of months back), but let’s hope this is improved upon. Will Pate? Any answer on this?

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  1. Will Pate on

    Heyo, do you mind submitting a feedback report so that our support team can help you find the source of the issue? Also, of course make sure you’re running the latest version of Flock (0.7.6).


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