WordPress.com and Adsense

For those who don’t know, Adsense is a Google program scheme that allows you to make money off your website or blog by allowing targeted advertisements to be placed on it. You can acquire an Adsense account for free, paste the necessary code given to you by Google onto your website or blog and off you go.

WordPress.com (my host), however, does not allow this. I was searching today various forums and the answer I found was that “Adsense is out of limits” on WordPress.com. This is understandable from WordPress’ point of view. Why should you make money out of what they offer you for free? Why should their equipment, bandwidth, etc. be used for your very own commercial/business (as business-like they can get) endeavours?

On the  other hand there are many bloggers out there, from what I have seen, that complain about their inability to use AdSense on their WordPress.com blogs. They feel that they create content and some of it with a lot of work and so they want an incentive to keep their blogs going. And fairly so.

So what is your take? I believe WordPress.com should allow AdSense to be employed on the blogs. This would mean satisfied bloggers and therefore more blogs and popularity for WordPress.com. The people at WordPress could even enable AdSense applicability per blog, through the “Upgrades” functionality that WordPress.com already uses.

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5 comments so far

  1. میثم ضابط on

    very good!

  2. Corey on

    Good article

    Maybe WordPress.com can allow those who want to use Adsense to pay a small fee for being able to make money from the blog.

  3. adsensestrategiesadsense on

    As far as I understand it, WordPress does not want people messing with their code (which I guess you have to do to install Adsense ads normally), as this can create vulnerabilities right across the entire WordPress network.

    Also, I think the philosophy is, We’re offering you a free service, so it is a bit much to capitalize off that by making money using it.
    Not my view, I’m not sure what I think…
    Best wishes
    David, The Adsense Strategist

  4. Pakistani Swede on

    WordPress owns the technology; we own the content. Isn’t it?

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