Cytanet’s bad pricing tactics

I went out a couple of months ago to order internet connection from Cytanet (Cyta‘s subsidiary). I was then charged 40 Cyprus pounds for installation of the service at my home, even though all the technician did was to plug in a wire into the wall socket (maybe some other work was required beforehand at the call center).

Now Cyta comes and offers the same service to new subscribers with no installation fee charged, plus three months free subscription. I got nothing of that. No word of refund to customers that ordered the service just before the Christmas period.

(Also, why are the internet subscription prices still very high in Cyprus as compared to prices in other European countries, such as Greece?)


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  1. Eugene on

    Dear linkbox,
    i read your comments and tottaly agree with you but I would point out that the service you get from Cytanet including the connection speed package is still very low compared to other European countries which is something that Cytanet have to improve. I was reading an article the other day in “Phileleptheos” that Cyta have almost spent nothing to improve the network infrastructure which still relies on an old modulation technique called ANNEX G.992 or G.991.

    Will they ever put some of the profit which i guess is a lot, into actions for improving?

    I would suggest changing service to either PRIMETEL OR CABLENET, which seem to be miles ahead and are currently expanding to cover more and more areas.

    at the moment am studying in england and whenever i come back home the internet speed is so noticeably crap!!

    good luck!

  2. Faz on

    I have to agree with you both the speed and service is way below EU standards and the price is 10 years behind the rest of europe, after an upgrade it took cyta 2 days to reconnet (no mention of this when ordering the new service) also tried to blame the problem on my computer, so after 6 goes with the call centre got to speak to someone who amited it was thier fault so Cyta sort it out and let other people use the net work to improve the speed and competion, instead of having every thing your own way.

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