Jamiroquai – Gig In the Sky

It’s all over the airwaves by now (heard it on bestradio):

JAMIROQUAI are set to play at 35,000ft on a specially modified Boeing 757 flying from Munich to Athens. Winners will be taken to the German city to board the flight on February 27, escorted to the aftershow party, provided with an overnight stay and flown back to the UK the next day. Food and drinks are on the house too. And sponsors Sony Ericsson will give each winner one of their W950i Walkman phones.”


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  1. Spiros on

    Hello! I won my ticket! I created a dedicated blog to this event for everyone who would like to add a comment or anything else! I also invite the winners of the Gig in the Sky competition to add their experience! Thank you

  2. Dany on

    Hi men…….I won too……..I can´t believe it..it´s so exciting for me…I hope see you there and meet so many people there include Jk 🙂
    This is going to be a very special experience for all of us..
    I´m from Madrid.

  3. Spiros on

    Hello!! It was great, I took many pics and videos but I work 24 hours a day. I uploaded a slide show on myspace blog http://www.myspace.com/spiroskaravas, and in the blog I created especially for Gig in the Sky http://www.spiroskaravas.wordpress.com very soon I will upload videos, pics from everything they gave us, etc.

  4. Nineta on

    Twra eida egw tis fotografies alla san mia Jamiroquai fan pou eimai prepei na pw oti Spyro se ZILEUWWWWWWW!! hehehe
    Poly wraies, euharistoume pou tis moirastikes mazi mas. Prepei na itan kati to syglonistiko!

  5. MySpace Friend Adder on

    I found your blog whlie Googling for ways to promote my own blog with Social Networks. Great work here – hope that I can get mine going soon – any tips or advice for a relative newb?

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