KlipFolio 4 is out and it rocks

The new version of KlipFolio is out and it is amazing as ever. Today (or at least that’s went I found out about it) the KlipFolio team provided a fix for the problem of automatically scrolling klip items. There was an issue with items in a klip getitng stuck while scrolling them, but now the issue is resolved.

KlipFolio looks as good as ever on my desktop and with a glance I can get a lot of info from as many sources as I wish, e.g. from BBC News, The New York Times and even from my own computer; for example the memory usage at that specific monent. Finally, KlipFolio can be moved anywhere you want it on your desktop (floating around) or even use it as a sidebar on the left or right of your screen or as a bar at the top or bottom of it.


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