Cyprus Online stores

There are not so many online stores, e.g. selling dvds or computer products in general, serving the island of Cyprus; or at least there haven’t been so many until recently. Lately there has been a surge of such stores selling items such as hard drives, mobile phones and even computers.

To be honest I have not shopped from any of them (maybe I don’t trust their service yet), but some of them look impressive, well stocked and with a professional looking website. Take for example, which is originally French (I think), but also has a Cyprus branch and two other smaller stores, and

Maybe I will soon do a more detailed review of these stores and definitely give you my impressions if I shop from them.


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  1. kotsios on

    A new online store has open. For now just limited products but all hot selling. We can provide you with your product but for now you have inquire for it. This is the cheapest shop in cyprus.

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