Wired mag website gets a facelift

I used to be a fan of Wired magazine and a regular reader of their website. However, I stopped buying the magazine a while back and it just happened that I stopped visiting their website too. I stopped finding their articles interesting and sometimes far-fetched sometimes; maybe I had enough of it.

I recently visited their website and to my surprise I saw that the site was completely redesigned, looking more like a blog than anything else. The colors used on the new site are the distinctive Wired magazine colors, or at least colors that remind you of Wired magazine.

Another feature that is highly noticeable on the new site are the big letters used for the headings of some of the articles. They come into contrast, though, with the rest of the font sizes (a total of four or five separate font sizes) and it is kind of tiring to the eye, shifting from big to small back to very big.

Overall, however, the site looks fresh; something that was long overdue and well needed. Maybe I will again start reading their articles (unless some geeks try to explain the world and things that are beyond their reach and present themselves as the new heroes of tomorrow).


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