Test blog entry with ScribeFire

As you might already know I use Flock and hence the “I Flock” button here on the blog. Anyway, I was looking around for a way to fix the issue of Window Media Player files not playing in Flock. Apparently this is a common issue and for now I don’t have the solution applied to my browser (I will inform you once I do).

The point is that I came accross the ScribeFire Editor; which can be installed as an extension in Flock. So far so good. Just pressing F8 brings up the Editor window. The setup to my blog account was damn easy; I just had to provide the address of the blog and the account username and password. And here I am now writing my first entry.

What I liked most about the Editor is the “Page Tools” tab on the left of the Editor. You can press it and you will automatically get Technorati rankings for a page, for example.

Now…I will publish this post. If it shows in any way messy on my blog then you should know that it is because I am using the ScribeFire Editor. If it comes out to be ok, then I will keep using the editor. Here we go…

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