Benetton opens shop in Iran!

Here it is if you don’t believe the news! The official Benetton Iran website. It is a bit surprising and odd to see a fashion shop in a place like Iran, and a western shop most importantly. I have not ever been in Iran so I do not know how it is there or if there are any other such shops, therefore I cannot say much.

But could this be a new start in making relationships better between Europe and Iran and consequently with the rest of the world? After all, things like fashion, music and art bring people closer together. Could this act as a catalyst that would open up Iran to the rest of the world and allow it to be and be accepted as a normal member of the world community? Maybe..this is an interesting experiment to watch out for!


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  1. sherlin on

    I live in Iran,actually I’m an Iranian.I would like to let you know that in Tehran and some other major cities we have such stores,i mean brands,like clarks,espirit,zara,etc. The fact is not that odd,but as you said it’s a good opportunity to somehow extend the relationship between countries.And i totally agree that at last music,fashion,and art will bring people closer together and in some cases even generate being “together”.That’s interesting.

  2. دانلود قرآن خلاصه ی فارسی

  3. Miu Miu on

    Hi everybody
    It’s not surprising to see that there is the Benetton shop in Iran. I’m not Iranian and having been living here for so long. I see all are seen in Iran but the most important thing is money…money… money… everything is here getting more expensive than ever.I’m living near Benetton shop… very near… It’s normal for you to find famous brands in Iran. Iranians have a lot of money and know what to buy …just one thing… women make up a lot and don’t know how to make up…

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