Joost now available

Joost, originally codenamed “The Venice Project”, is the brainchild of Skype and Kazaa founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström and is available for use as a beta product. The product is only accessible by invitation.

I was able to get my hands on an invitation and voila! I can use Joost. And let me tell you that this product will stir things up and definitely change the way we watch TV.

So let us take things in order. The setup of Joost is very easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen; which are simple and Skypy. At some point you will need to provide details for creating a Joost account. Once the setup is complete (less than three mintes), Joost loads the TV content and you are off to your free(!) TV content enjoyment world.

There are many, many channels to choose from and watch, such as entertainment channels, lifestyle channels, sports channels, channels with documentaries, comedy shows and so on. A few notable content providers that already have an agreement with Joost and offer content on the Joost platfrom are National Geographic, MTV, Much Music and Reuters.

National Geographic on Joost

As a program now, Joost is amazing and flawless (at least until now that I have tested it). When using it, it feels that you are navigating through the electronic program guide of your local cable/satellite provider. You get to see an easy to scroll-through list of channels, as well as a control panel at the bottom of the screen, which provides info about the program you are watching, the legth of it, capabilites to pause/start it, etc.

Loading the content does not take a lot of time; on the contrary I would say that the response time is pretty short (of course a broadband connection is needed). Once the content is loaded you can kick back and enjoy it in full screen mode or in a window. The perfect scenario would be to get a media PC for your living room (and of course connect it to the internet) and watch Joost TV on your big screen. 😉

The Joost platform will be funded by commercias that will be played, I guess, before or after the content is seen. It is also P2P powered (just like KAzaa and Skype are), which explains the good loading performance of the system.

And now down to the dirty details of getting an invitation. Go here and submit your details so you can get an email inviting you to Joost.


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