iPod touch available in Cyprus

According to the Pixmania webiste, the new iPod touch will be available for sale on the 28th of September, 2007. The 8GB model will be selling for 297 euros, while the 16GB model will be selling for a cool 398 euros.

At the same time the Cyprus Apple store is selling the 8GB model for 169.40 CYP and the 16GB for 226.06 CYP (no double price indications here). The Applestore seems to be a bit cheaper; but not even close to the US prices.

iPod touch


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  1. ipod touch fan on

    music for your ipod touch http://www.seeqpod.net/ipod

  2. Kyros on

    if you are buying form Cyprus iPelagos.com has slightly lower prices on all iPod than Pimania.

  3. kotsios on

    A new site is selling in very low prices. Visit http://www.3kcy.com and you will find collection of ipods. Ipod touch , ipod shuffle and more in really low prices. e.g ipod touch is 32 gb is only 150 euros and the 8gb is 110 euros. Cheaper shop on electronics in cyprus. (also can provide products in whole europe)

  4. iPod Touch on

    1) Does this machine fix previously unwatchable DVDs? YES
    2) Does it repair faulty CDs so that they will play again? YES
    3) Does it remove scratches from discs? NO

    This machine is very easy to use and does fix/repair damaged discs. And the cleaning pads work great to shine up the disc. But if you’re looking to restore your discs visually to a like-new condition, I don’t think anything on the market can do that. You have kids, they put their fingerprints on all your DVDs and CDs, this machine will clean them nicely.

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