Euro in Cyprus

As some of you may know, the Euro currency will become the new norm in Cyprus, beginning 1st of January 2008. A lot of preparations, both in the public and private sectors, are already underway for making the transition from Cyprus Pounds to the Euro.

The preparations alone are not enough though. There will always be cases when some shop keeper or business will try and deceive the public. So keep your eyes open.

Such an example was spotted a few days ago in Limassol, where the price for a haircut was raised, from 8 CYP to about 8.78 CYP, so the Euro equivalent would be rounded up to 15 Euros. When the shop keeper was asked why the raise, he simply answered “…how else would I round up to 15 Euros?”

Cases like the one mentioned above probably cannot be reported; however such “clever” moves on the shop keepers ‘ behalf should be spotted and the buyers should punish the business by not shopping/using their services again.


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