iPhone available in Cyprus?!

We came across the Soundtech website and they are advertising that they have the iPhone available in Cyprus, for 399 CYP/ €681.73 (8GB version). We cannot confirm whether availability is real or not, however, we do know that Soundtech is a real store and carries a wide selection of mobile phone models.

I wonder whether the phone comes unlocked or not?!


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  1. Costas on

    yes it works. I got mine from iPelagos http://www.ipelagos.com/pd_apple_iphone_8gb.cfm . it’s unlocked and it works with cyta(thisis what I’m using) but you have to be careful not to to the upgrade of the firmware.

  2. WebDrone on

    I live in Cyprus and i am interested in buying the iPhone. I know a girl who has the iPhone (actually saw it today) but i’m pretty sure that it’s not yet legalized by apple for Cyprus – doesn’t that mean that you will have problems updating it etc.? Does visual voicemail work?

    And should i buy an iPhone now or just wait until it properly comes to Cyprus, and probably buy the new model which will come out by then (3G)?

    I really think that iPhone’s software will need many of updates in the future since it is not yet 100% completed, and i would really like to be able to update it… if not, i’m not sure if it will worth buying…

  3. WebDrone on

    ok – thank you very much for the fast reply ;p

  4. chedad on

    They have the iphone in chris’s (carrefour Limassol) cash & carry now surely its legit and officially unlocked ?

  5. Aaron on

    Chedad, so have you got one yet? Does it work? Have you asked them? Was it officially advertised?

    I am thinking of getting one but it’s a lot of money to waste if later on I cannot update it.

    Can you even use the internet and emails here in CY or will it just be calls and texts?

    Someone must know something! 🙂

  6. lefteris on

    its NOT an official unlock even though its been sold at the moment in ‘official stores like carefour, germanos etc etc – this is Cyprus people! Official is a word we dont understand too well! hehe! I would advise NOT to buy it. WAIT because Im sure VERY soon there will be an official deal for iphone in Cyprus. Also an official unlocked iphone is about to hit europe (France) so youll be able to use it anywhere without fearing the update crash. Be patient! I know we all want it now because its amazzinnng!!! this is somehting special and I HATE having to wait for it!!!!!! Oh well ;o)


  7. Terry on

    Costas your wrote that you are currently using the iphone. Can you use it for calls, texts, email, web etc etc? If so what tariff are you on with Cyta? I hope you can reply as I want to buy the new iphone now I cant wait!!!

  8. george on

    i got mine from ebay a couple of weeks ago… and its awesome cell phone 8gb text email and phone calls working google maps and a lot of new programs are added every day…

    In cyprus its gonna be a bit expensive when it arrives but who ever gonna buy it its worth it just wait till its cheaper ;ppp

    iphone rulezzzz

  9. Chedad on

    No i didn’t buy one yet i won’t until it’s officially unlocked otherwise a very expensive brick !! For those not in the know updates are part of the apple system unlike other phones its part of the appeal. These updates regularly add functions and fixes so an iphone without updates is essentially crippled DONT DO IT (yet)

  10. iphone fan on

    music for your iphone http://www.seeqpod.net/iphone

  11. Maximus on

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  12. alexandros on

    I have my iphone from eshopcy.com. A guy is selling there 16GB v.1.1.4

  13. alexis on

    i live in cyprus, i wanna buy the iphone just to hear music, videos, pictures and photoes. and also use it as a mobile phone(sent msgs and make calls). i dont care a lot about its internet or its other disadvantages wich it has in CY. should i buy it?

  14. Michalis.Neo on

    I live in Cyprus, too. i love iphone and i would like to buy it. but:
    1) prices of iphone in Cyprus are too high
    2) a new iphone will be announced
    3) the “public” said that they will be the first shop in Cyprus, who is going to sell the iphone legally.


  15. Tonino on

    I got an email today from http://www.iPelagos.com to say the iphone 8gb is available and their website shows it at USD579 (about EUR 365). Has iPhone officially arrived in Cyprus and is it properly unlocked???

  16. chris on

    michalis.neo when will be released officially by public? soon? the new iphone (3g) do u heart anything?

  17. Michalis.Neo on

    well…. Iphone will be released officially in greece by Vodaphone! i think that MTN Cyprus will sell the iphone officially.
    now for the iphone 3G:
    pictures here: http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2008/05/07/more-leaked-3g-iphone-shots-hit-the-web/
    iphone’s new features are GPS, 3.2 or 5 Mpixels camera, video call and the almost released software firmware 2.0! maybe also some multimedia messaging or bluetooth data sent or sync!!!

  18. Michalis.Neo on

    hi again
    3G is coming; take a look here: http://www.iphonehacks.com/2008/05/3g-iphone-news.html
    Also here, in Cyprus, every tech shop sells iphone but in too high prices (at least 600€ for the 16GB)

  19. Kim on

    Hello, is there any unlocker that works in Cyprus? (iPhone 3G)

  20. ixgor on

    Hello, can anyone tell how the situation has changed during the last months?
    Can one get an iphone 3G in Cyprus for no higher than $250?
    (illegaly, of course, since there is no official apple retailer in cyprus and, most likely, will not be for a couple of years 😦 )

  21. WebDrone on

    Hey – i have not yet come accross anyone advertizing the iPhone 3G in cyprus – was thinking of getting it from the USA and then unlocking it using one of the tools available online… however, they won’t sell it w/o a contract, so i can’t bring it over…

    I am sure the stores etc. that bring the iPhone over are illegal, and if apple knew about this, would probably shut them down (or not, since they help generate profit – they still buy the phone with the contract in order to get it to cyprus ;p)

    The point is that we are now left w/o an iPhone 3G… and it will probably remain this way, since i don’t think cyta or wtv carrier will carry the phone – until they find a way to get them to cyprus, since i heard apple made it even more difficult to do that from the first gen iPhone, and that will still be illegal… c’mon apple, sell unlocks!!

  22. m3saios on

    Hey! A friend of mine bought few days ago the new iphone 3g 8gb. He found it in a new site http://www.3kcy.com. He told me that is one of the cheaper sites in Cyprus. He told me that he checked in many stores in Paphos and only nikolaou electronics had it in the price of 765 euros and he bought it from that site for 380 euros. I didn’t believed him in the beginning as i saw that there was no price in their product on the site but he show me the email he got. Anyway i am going to buy from them first an ipod and if i will receive it then i will order the iphone.

  23. Michalis.Neo on

    i just saw in Germanos in Mall of Cyprus selling iPhone 3G!!!
    i don’t know if it is the american one unlocked, or it is from greece, which is not locked to vodafone.

    tale a look at this: http://www.technica.com.cy/cyprus/apple-i-phone-3g-white-16gb(fully-updateable-will-never-lock)_974
    it is a cyprus online shop that sells the iPhone 3G unlocked, an ti says: “Apple i-Phone 3G White 16GB(Fully updateable, will never lock)” for €839!!!

  24. Mike T on

    I am actually selling an iphone 3g 16gb for €700, and i can unlock your phone to work with cyta mtn…

  25. Cloner on

    Hi everyone,

    Search in Google Engine and you will see that many clones of iPhone are out there with less money you can’t even imagine.


  26. Smartronix on

    We can offer iPhone 32GB Black – Never locked: http://smartronix.com.cy/product/982-apple-iphone-3gs-32gb-never-lock-black/ also available in white color.

  27. Christoph on


    you can purchase iPhone and iPad in Cyprus for european prices + delivery costs at http://www.cypruslove.com

    The prices that you usually get in stores in cyprus are 25% to 100% overcharged…

  28. Valerie Nicolaou on

    I bought an iphone in England but cannot sync it in Cyprus, or anything else either. I am a computer novice. Is it just me and if so how do I do it. The iphone is unlocked

  29. Basel hoshe on

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  30. zak on

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  31. Nathaniel on

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