Flock out, Maxthon in!

I believe I tried Flock for a long period and my decision to stop using it has been a rather good one; so far at least. I was lately using Flock 1.0RC3 and my experience with it has not been the best.

The Flock process was consuming around 100 MB of RAM, which was making my computer rather sluggish to use (my total RAM is 1GB). The browser would also take way too long to start, with the annoying splash screen displaying for a rather long time on my desktop.

Another important reason that added to my decision to stop using Flock was the handling of the favourites by the browser. Bad, bad, bad. No ordering of the favourites yet. What is with that? Why should I have to spend more than 5-10 secs to search for a favourite? This becomes extremely annoying when you are in a hurry and you want to get things done quickly.

Fortunately, I stumbled accross Maxthon and what a pleasant surprise this software has been so far. The interface is extremely clean and uncluttered (unlike Flock’s which is now full of gizmos and unused features). In addition, Maxthon’s user interface is fully customizable (yes…skins are available too) and ergonomic.

Maxthon, features some of the best setup screens I have seen in a browser. Easy to follow, clean, with clear guidance of what you need to do on each screen and with good feeback to the user in order to know that a setting has been applied or not.

Last but not least,  Maxthon seems to consume much less RAM than Flock. Opening the same pages on Flock and Maxthon, Maxthon would consume about 40 MB of RAM less. Just what I needed!


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