Hulu tv platform

Another tv content providing platform showed up on the internet these days…or at least I just found out about it. Its name is Hulu (pretty weird and not appropriate for tv?!) and it offers (or it will rather offer) primetime shows like Prison Break, The Office, Bionic Woman, etc.

From screenshots on Hulu’s website, the web application seems pretty neat and slick; it will allow you to share videos via email and even embed these in a website.


Unfortunately, Hulu is still in a beta phase so we could not get our hands on it and give it a go! My guess is also that  it will not be available for users outside the US, so we will have to wait and see.


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  1. Don Jones on

    I tried some trailers and they wre jerky. It could be my new Slimline with modest memory, however I do well with everything else on the web.

    Their goals are not well defined. The site is absent good marketing and I am not certain of their niche. I feel there will be many in that business soon and it no longer will be a niche. I heard some VC put a hundred million into it. Surely not. Bye Bye hundred million.

    Don Jones

  2. MagicMike on

    Just got done watching a few cable shows and a full length movie with no probs xcept my screamsaver reqd tweak.
    there are commercials, all the same one, only 15 secs or so each, will stick w/ tv

  3. Internet TV Platform on

    Have you heared of the Mogulus GUI? I just read an article about it and it looks really user friendly, offers something similar to that of Hulu. BestTV is also offering a pretty good platform.

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