Polish man killed in Vancouver Airport – story surfaces almost a month later

A Polish man was killed at Vancouver’s International Airport on October 14th, 2007. The story has only surfaced on blogs and alternative internet networks, with big Canadian media publishing the story only around mid-November, 2007 (see cbc.ca).

The Polish man, Robert Dziekanski, was killed with  a Taser gun after waiting for several hours in immigration control of Vancouver International Airport, helpless and waiting to pass through; to visit his mother already living in Canada.

It is important to note that Dziekanski was not speaking English, something which obviously the ignorant police men did not bother to take into account as one of the reasons why Dziekanski was agitated.  

The killing of Dziekanski was recorded live by a witness that was nearby. The video is on YouTube and circulated on such sides as digg.com; something that obviously seems pretty embarassing for Canadian mass media which did not even cover such a shocking story and apparently tried to hide it instead.

This is a shamefull incident for Canadian police, Canadian mass media and the like. Only wonder what would have happened and the massive outcry, if this incident involved a Canadian abroad! Shame! Shame!


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  1. Erik on

    This is complete nonsense.

    The media did publish this story early on too, but the outcry is a reaction on the video that appeared a few days ago.

    And a large part of why the hype is so huge, is because of the graphic nature of the video in combination with the realization that the RCMP tried to cover-up this Taser death from day one.

    See for more on my blog.

  2. Dan on

    What bewilders me is that the RCMP couldent figure out his identity. they also couldent figure out what language he was speaking.

    All this info would be on his passport, or perhaps they were too stupid to check it.

  3. Pablo on

    Hello everyone,

    Greetings from Poland!

    What happened at Vancouver Internationl Airport is shocking – shocking not only because an innocent man felt a victim to some thugs in uniforms… An enormous amount of arrogance and ignorance is shocking even more (as seen on video)… Canada had a very good reputation in Poland, a positive one… Now it’s quite probable it’s gonna change a little bit… 4 or 5 timeas I heard on this footage policemen saying that ‘this man is speaking Russian’… This is ignorance… Tasering and their behavior – arrogance… And what is very very strange, indeed, is that guys responsible had been assigned to other duties – in Poland policemen found suspects of commiting a crime or misbehavior would be instantly 1) fired or 2) suspended untill the investigation into the case is finished… Say what you want, but now we can see that all those stories of America being a promised land or a land of higher culture is just a mere myth! Now you don’t have to learn foreign languages but when the era of technological and economical domination of the U.S. and Canada is inished, yu’lle certainly have to… It’s just a matter of time (as seen on video)….

    Here you have some comments from the readers of the internet edition of Polish newspaper “Dziennik” (Journal)… (a free-lance translation)…

    In Canada nobody had ever won with police… This institution of violence stands above the law. They’re always right in courts, etc. Few years ago while chasing some bandits RCMP has killed a Canadian with 3 little children at Yellowhead /121 ST – and nothing, nothing has happened… Policemen were performing their duties… Russians murdered with their naked fists, in this case, not naked, but in white gloves…

    ~Edmontonian, 2007-11-18 22:00:19

    What’s next? Now, as a country, we should demand the highest penalty in their judicial system. It wasn’t and act of subduing a person but an afore-thought/willful murder… Apart from training, which they certainly received, they used tasers few times and also few times at a time… A burdening proof is a video footage where we can see a policeman being un unfledged youth (he looks this way) who finishes off the Pole hitting him with a baton in temporal area! This is an act of terrorism, not of country’s defense! Those found guilty of this should receive life sentences to serve in Polish harsh-rigor prison…

    ~POLAK PATRIOTA (Pole patriot), 2007-11-16, 20:47:41

    At the airports in Canada they treat Poles like live-stock. If you don’t speak a language nobody’s going to help you ever…Family waiting for you doesn’t even know if you already arrived or not…No info at all… Imagine waiting 10 hours for checking-in after 8-hour flight… And this guy was ordered to wait and didn’t even know what was the reason for this all… He got upset and they murdered him… Terrible!

    ~OKROPNOSC (atrocity), 2007-11-18, 16:42:57

    We’re not at war with Canada, but the killing of Polish citizen has a trait of genocide…The punishment facing the bandits is directly proportional to the importance of Poland in the western world (…)

    Christof, 2007-11-18, 16:13:53

  4. Robert Arthur Gillis on

    As outraged as I was horrified, I felt it incumbent to react, and did so by sending an email directly to the PM of Canada! Moreover, – I sent copies of it to every contact in my address book! After hearing a distorted police account of the incident, according to the Police report, – I sent another email to the PM, advocating for an immediate public inquiry to be set up, to refute the official police report’s account what had occurred, which every ‘Canadian’ should have done as a rebuttal to a falsely filed police report!

  5. Idetrorce on

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. andy mcgaw on

    Down load the link or visit andymcgaw.com

    Link, “The Murder of Robert Dziekanski”

    Thanks, Andy

  7. andy mcgaw on

    Download the link or visit andymcgaw.com

    Link, “The Murder of Robert Dziekanski”

    Thanks, Andy

  8. miami777 on

    I feel bad for anyone who has to die that way, however, since I was not there and seen what tras;pired, I cannot judge who was at fault. I don;t believe the RCMP murdered him. They were protecting themselves.

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