Uninstalling Norton AntiVirus

I was not expecting that my Norton AntiVirus 2005 would be such a stubborn piece of software to remove from my computer. Any attempt to unistall it would lead to the following error message appearing on my screen: “The MSI must be launched through Setup”; whatever that means.

Apparently this is a known issue or expected behaviour from the software’s side and the guys from Norton have provided a tool that will completely remove the AntiVirus, among other Norton Products. Just go to this page and download the Norton Removal Tool; unistalling the antivirus is then only a matter of few minutes.


4 comments so far

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  2. blockvirus on

    Thank for your information.

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  3. Neil Patmore on

    Norton is a chore to remove without a removal tool. The enclosed uninstall routine is useless, probably by design too!

  4. Tracie Prince on

    not bad

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