Synchronising Google Calendar with Outlook

Like many others, I have been trying lately to synchronise my Outlook calendar with Google’s Calendar. First of all I should mention that, as usual, I did not backup my calendar so at some point I lost my original data (…it always happens).

After searching around on the net I came accross many “solutions” that try to achieve the goal of seamless syncing. I first tried “Remote Calendars“, but after a lot of tweaking and configuring and even more tweaking, I could only manage one-way sync; from Outlook to Google Calendar. So after a while I gave up on this app. Mind you, this is a an open-sourse software, which is good, but it still needs some work.

Then I came accross a paid solution, OggSync. This works just fine. It does what it is supposed to do. The free version, however, only allows you to sync three days back and three days ahead from the current date. So again this option was ruled out after an hour or so.

After a bit of more searching I came accross Calgoo. It comes with a free version, it works without messing your calendars  (e.g. duplicate entries in your calendar), has a good interface and it alows you to use all of its features (no limitations on how many days you can sync on).

Calgoo even offers contact synchronisation between your Outlook and Google account; but to be honest I have not managed to get that working; yet.


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