Livestation beta – free tv

Livestation is a free application, in beta phase, that allows you to receive a number of news channels (for now mostly European). The list of channels currenlty includes BBC News 24, BBC World, Euronews, France 24 and Sky News among others.

You can register at the website with no cost and become a beta user. The setup of the application is sraightforward and fast. You can then enjoy the news channels in rather good quality (broadband connection is required).  

What I liked mostly about the application is the menu bar at the bottom, showing the program guide for the channel (whenever this is available) and the soft switching between the channels; i.e. the channel’s audio dies out nicely and in a soft manner until the next channel loads.

Overall the application seems nicely packaged, has no complex bells and whistles, has tidy menus and above all it looks well made. 

According to Livestation’s website more channels will be added soon, giving a much wider choice to the viewer.


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