Cyprus elections 2008 – unsolicited sms

Over the past couple of days a lot of people complained that they kept receiving sms (short message service) on their mobile phones, campaigning about one of the two presidential candidates who will be clashing this coming Sunday. I thought I would not get such an sms on my mobile, since I am always careful enough as to where I give my number.

Alas! Yesterday morning I did receive one such sms. It was rather surprising to me and at the same time annoying that someone was trying to feed his political views on to me. Not to mention that the sms came early morning; a rather inappropriate time.

Most worrying of all though is as to how my phone number got onto the sms list? Did someone a third party provide my phone number resulting in a breach of my privacy? Most likely. And it seems that this has been done a lot over these elections, to the point that people started to think “the hell with it!”


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