Google Chrome vs. everyone else

The web is literally full of articles on Google’s new browser Chrome. The web community has greeted the new browser as a new benchmark that other browsers have to reach in order to keep up in the browser game. 

To be honest, I have not seen dramatic speed improvements while browsing with Chrome, as posted on various sites on the web. This is in comparison, not with IE, nor with Firefox, but with Opera. And it is to me very surprising that many of the comparison articles have not listed Opera as one of the competing browsers. 

Down to the details of Chrome now. The interface is very simple and clean. The Chrome window does not even have a top border (i.e. a windows border). The buttons are very few and the theme of the browser rather blueish; in a relaxing tone. 

On the top-right side of the broswer there is a button called “Other bookmarks”, where you can find all of your bookmarks (e.g. whatever you have imported for example from IE or Firefox; the only two options offered while importing data from other browsers). 

Above the “Other bookmarks” button there is one for tweaking the various settings of Chrome, as well as a button for performing various tasks on the current open page. Overall a very simple approach to interface design; after all this has been one of the aims of the Google team. 

What remains to be seen now is whether the multiple processes that Chrome fires in the background (one for each page opened), are more memory efficient than the collective memory usage of a single process in other browsers.  

More on Google Chrome in a few posts (while using the browser). 😉


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  1. Thai SEO on

    IE is going to offer users a chance to set IE to “private”, which will block Google’s Adwords advertising then Google Chrome born. Google Chrome is clean and fast. But I love Firefox.

  2. Matt on

    To follow up on the EULA controversy I first commented about, last night Google changed the EULA to state that you retain the rights to everything you submit.

  3. CypeVen on

    Google Chrome takes a while to load to, and it hangs! By golly, the browser effing hangs!!! (Maybe my computer’s in such a sad state that it makes my Chrome browser hang like bad)

    Regardless, it’s not supposed to freeze like that.

    What I like about Google Chrome however, is the nifty incognito window. ^^

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