Couchsurfing – travel the world

I came across couchsurfing the other day, while reading an article in Sunday’s Vimamagazino and I have to admit that this is a pretty nifty idea.

You basically register yourself on the couchsurfing website and fill in your profile in as much detail as possible. Then, based on where you want to travel, people will make you offers for having you over. Once the hosts are  agreed and confirmed, it’s travel time…simple as that.

It is, I believe a fun way to meet people and see other countries from a different angle, inside out let’s say.

Last but not least, the site offers certain measures to ensure the safety of its members while traveling to their hosts and vice versa; such as references users give to one another and a verification system confirming the location and identity of users.

Any Cypriot couchsurfers out there?


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  1. charlottesjourney on

    I am a couchsurfer. I have been living in Europe for over a year and have now become a huge fan. Not only is it FREE but it is also fun! Instant friends, and a new angle on any place you want to see. Even if you aren’t comfortable staying with randoms you can also get people to meet you for a drink or show you somewhere that most travelers don’t go. As a woman I never surf alone, so meeting for a drink is always really cool! If you are a host in a city they also have cool parties. Sign up you won’t regret it!

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