iPhone 3G s goes on sale soon

The new iPhone will be on sale this coming Friday and the news are already all over the web. The iPhone is the main item features, of course, on the Apple website and rightfully so since with it Apple managed to enter into a whole new dimension as far as sales and marketing go.

I wonder what the retail shops here in Cyprus will sell it for and when they will do so. As you might already know the iPhone is not officially being sold here but some retail stores do carry it for a hefty price (more than 600 Euros last time I checked).


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  1. iPhoneManiaCy on

    We offer the new iPhone 3GS at the following prices:
    iPhone 3GS 16GB White/Black 650 euros
    iPhone 3GS 16GB White/Black FACTORY UNLOCKED 750 euros
    iPhone 3GS 32GB White/Black 750 euros
    iPhone 3GS 32GB White/Black FACTORY UNLOCKED 850 euros

    Also we have a navigation software for cyprus with turn by turn directions available for the price of 30 euros.


    For more info contact us at miko_todorovic@hotmail.com

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