The idea behind mastihashop is to bring to the public a wide range of goods having as their base ingredient the mastiha of Chios.

From Wikipedia: “Mastichato Chio (Greek: Μαστιχάτο Χίου; Μαστιχά λικέρ; Ούζο Μαστίχας) also known as Chios Masticha, (mastika, mastichat, mastikha, mastiha) and Masticha Ouzo is a Greek smooth mastic-flavored liqueur made out of resin, the Greek brandy based liqueur is native to the Aegean Island Chios, which is widely known for its Tears of Chios Trees. The drink is consumed throughout Greece and it is a related drink to Tsipouro, Tsikoudia (Raki) and Ouzo.”

At the mastihashop you can find bakery goods, gourmet  goods, as well as beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products; all using mastiha.

So next time you are in Greece and you see a mastiha shop you will know what it is all about.


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