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The idea behind mastihashop is to bring to the public a wide range of goods having as their base ingredient the mastiha of Chios.

From Wikipedia: “Mastichato Chio (Greek: Μαστιχάτο Χίου; Μαστιχά λικέρ; Ούζο Μαστίχας) also known as Chios Masticha, (mastika, mastichat, mastikha, mastiha) and Masticha Ouzo is a Greek smooth mastic-flavored liqueur made out of resin, the Greek brandy based liqueur is native to the Aegean Island Chios, which is widely known for its Tears of Chios Trees. The drink is consumed throughout Greece and it is a related drink to Tsipouro, Tsikoudia (Raki) and Ouzo.”

At the mastihashop you can find bakery goods, gourmet  goods, as well as beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products; all using mastiha.

So next time you are in Greece and you see a mastiha shop you will know what it is all about.


Acropolis Musem is now open

From the The Times: “Chaps, it looks as if we’re running out of arguments. In the long-running dispute over who should have the Elgin Marbles — the exquisite frieze sawn off the Parthenon between 1801 and 1805, and currently housed in the British Museum — the Greeks may have just played the winning card.

Yesterday, Athens saw the official opening of the state-of-the-art Acropolis Museum, almost within touching distance of the monument itself.”

For more information on the museum visit

Nescafe coffee recipes

It’s summer and we all like our coffee cold (if you like coffee that is). For this, there are some recipes on the Nescafe website to give you some ideas how to have your coffee.

Worth trying out are the recipes for Greek Frappe, the well established cold coffee drink for Greeks, as well as the Jamaican Coffee, which includes some rum in it.

Republic Radio 100.3

Republic Radio 100.3 streams out of Salonica, Greece and it’s the north’s answer to dance/electronic music. We have been listening to it for a while now and the guys there seem to be doing a pretty good job with providing us with quality tunes.

The station is available on

Euro 2008

Euro 2008 is starting in less than 3 days and the first match will see Switzerland facing the Czech Republic at 18:00 local time (Basel, Switzerland).

The tournament will run through the month June, till the 29th and is expected to play host to some interesting clashes between Europe’s best national teams.

The matches will be broadcasted by two tv stations in Cyprus; the free-to-air CNC Plus and subscriber-based tv station, LTV. In addition the matches can be seen on a pay-per-view basis from the tournament’s official website.

Greece under cold weather

From “Greece is being hit by one of the strongest cold waves ever, creating problems with its heavy snowfalls, frost, biting cold and gale force winds in the sea. Due to the heavy snowfalls, 20 villages have been cut off in northern Euboea and five in Fokida, while anti-skid chains are a must for vehicles using the biggest part of the country road network in the mainland.”

En Lefko radio plays that jazz

En Lefko is my favourite radio station lately for one reason…it plays jazz, funk and soul music…and I believe it is one of the few if not the only radio station in Greece that does that.

It is definitely not your usual mainstream station, but it definitely has good tunes and most importantly djs that know their music very well, which is always welcome.

If you don’t live in Greece there is always the internet stream. Check out the station’s website or

Papandreou likely to win PASOK internal elections

From ERT online: “More than 900.00 PASOK friends and members participated in the voting procedure for the election of a new president in the opposition partry. Unofficial results of 25% of votes counted are expected. First results show a first-round win for Mr. Papandreou”

Acropolis sculptures to be moved

From the BBC: “Greece has begun moving the ancient sculptures from the Acropolis in Athens to a new home – a museum at the foot of the hilltop citadel.”


El Greco (2007)

A new film looking into the life of Greek painter El Greco is due in theaters on 17th of October, 2007 in Greece and on the 30th of November in Cyprus.

According to IMDb the film is “an epic tale of an uncompromising artist and fighter for freedom, Domenicos Theotokopoulos, known to the world as «El Greco»”.

“Set in the 16th century, El Greco’s search for freedom, and love, ranges from the courts of Crete and Venice to Toledo in Spain. Here he is confronted by his greatest adversary the Holy Inquisition. Never backing down in his fight with the establishments of his day El Grecos story is one of unusual heroism, betrayal, love, and the power of one man and his creative consciousness to stand out and overcome barbarity and ignorance. An inspiration which lives on to this day.-“

Greece Calls ‘Macedonia’ Reference At UN ‘Unacceptable’

From “UNITED NATIONS(AP)–Balkan antagonism surfaced Tuesday over a shortening of the official name used to introduce the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which is a member of the United Nations.”

Some UN officials should get their act together and stop being provocative in such a manner. In an case, whatever FYROM tries will not establish them as Macedonia, because Macedonia is Greek; unless they want to take over the  northern part of Greece.



Greece on fire

From the BBC: “There are fears for the ancient ruins of Olympia, a world heritage site and home to the first Olympics, as Greece’s devastating forest fires close in.”

Champions League Final – Athens

In two days AC Milan and Liverpool will be clashing again at the ultimate game of European football. The Italians are hoping to get their revenge this time around, while the Reds are hoping for a new win over their counterparts. This seems to be developing in a feud between the two teams, which will for sure give us a good thrill in two days time.

The City of Athens hosted the final game of the UEFA Champions League back in 1994 and 1983 and will again play host for a third time, this time around having up their sleeve the experience from organising the Olympic Games of 2004.