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Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

From BBC News: “Stars and fans pay tribute to Michael Jackson following his sudden death, amid concerns over the singer’s use of pain medication.”


Acropolis Musem is now open

From the The Times: “Chaps, it looks as if we’re running out of arguments. In the long-running dispute over who should have the Elgin Marbles — the exquisite frieze sawn off the Parthenon between 1801 and 1805, and currently housed in the British Museum — the Greeks may have just played the winning card.

Yesterday, Athens saw the official opening of the state-of-the-art Acropolis Museum, almost within touching distance of the monument itself.”

For more information on the museum visit

We do like the fact that Kathimerini (affiliated with IHT; the Global version of the New York Times) has finally hit Cyprus.

You can actually find good articles, with a twist of international perspective and a taste of Cyprus at the same time. Good news.

Spanish football team celebrations

Form the BBC: here goes some footage of the Spanish team celebrations aboard the plane to Madrid, after winning the Euro 2008 tournament.


New Gaza clashes

From BBC: “At least 46 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers have been killed in one of the deadliest days of fighting in Gaza since troops withdrew in 2005.”

Christofias wins Cyprus elections

From EuroNews: “Communist Demetris Christofias has been elected president of Cyprus. He will become the first communist to lead the Mediterranean country in its history and the only Communist head of a member nation in the European Union.”


Cyprus elections 2008 – unsolicited sms

Over the past couple of days a lot of people complained that they kept receiving sms (short message service) on their mobile phones, campaigning about one of the two presidential candidates who will be clashing this coming Sunday. I thought I would not get such an sms on my mobile, since I am always careful enough as to where I give my number.

Alas! Yesterday morning I did receive one such sms. It was rather surprising to me and at the same time annoying that someone was trying to feed his political views on to me. Not to mention that the sms came early morning; a rather inappropriate time.

Most worrying of all though is as to how my phone number got onto the sms list? Did someone a third party provide my phone number resulting in a breach of my privacy? Most likely. And it seems that this has been done a lot over these elections, to the point that people started to think “the hell with it!”

Cyprus elections 2008 – second round

From the Cyprus Mail: “THE REFUSAL of presidential candidate Ioannis Kasoulides to repent for his ‘yes’ vote on the Annan plan cost him the backing of centre-right party DIKO, said its leader Marios Karoyan yesterday.”

The above comment is just the tip of a long, heated discussion leading to the second round of the Cyprus presidential elections, with main Cyprus political parties DISY (right-wing) and AKEL (left-wing) both claiming the presidential post.

Unfortunately, over the last few days we have seen some miserable debates between the parties and worst of all we have seen unispiring talks and political agendas that end up in facts of the past and into a long feud between the two political wings.  

Nobody can really predict the outcome, so it should be an interetsing Sunday afternoon the 24th of February, 2008.

Serbs protest over Kosovo

From Reuters: “Scores of protesters smashed their way into the U.S. embassy in Belgrade on Thursday in anger at Kosovo’s independence, ransacking rooms and setting fires before riot police dispersed the crowd.”

HD DVD is dead

Toshiba‘s HD DVD is officially dead. From BBC News: “Toshiba’s announcement that it is to stop production of HD DVD players leaves the way clear for Blu-ray to become the industry standard.”

Livestation beta – free tv

Livestation is a free application, in beta phase, that allows you to receive a number of news channels (for now mostly European). The list of channels currenlty includes BBC News 24, BBC World, Euronews, France 24 and Sky News among others.

You can register at the website with no cost and become a beta user. The setup of the application is sraightforward and fast. You can then enjoy the news channels in rather good quality (broadband connection is required).  

What I liked mostly about the application is the menu bar at the bottom, showing the program guide for the channel (whenever this is available) and the soft switching between the channels; i.e. the channel’s audio dies out nicely and in a soft manner until the next channel loads.

Overall the application seems nicely packaged, has no complex bells and whistles, has tidy menus and above all it looks well made. 

According to Livestation’s website more channels will be added soon, giving a much wider choice to the viewer.

Greece under cold weather

From “Greece is being hit by one of the strongest cold waves ever, creating problems with its heavy snowfalls, frost, biting cold and gale force winds in the sea. Due to the heavy snowfalls, 20 villages have been cut off in northern Euboea and five in Fokida, while anti-skid chains are a must for vehicles using the biggest part of the country road network in the mainland.”

Sigma Live news portal

New kid on the block. Sigma Live has made its appearance in beta mode (registration required or try with the aim of offering news as they happen.

As expected, the site primarily covers current affairs from Cyprus through many sections such as news, sports, economy, music, etc.

The site has a clean, breezy look and feel and shows well balanced on the browser window, with a nice and easy-to-browse- through layout.

Cyprus presidential elections 2008 results

Here are the official results from the first round of the Cyprus presidential elections 2008. Close ot 90% of the electorate voted.