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StreamTorrent – streaming tv

According to the StreamTorrent user group “StreamTorrent is a free tool for streaming to unlimited users with serverless peer to peer technology.”

The program is very easy to install and quite small in size. I have so far found a lot of news channels being broadcasted via StreamTorrent, as well as the Greek Mega channel.


Livestation beta – free tv

Livestation is a free application, in beta phase, that allows you to receive a number of news channels (for now mostly European). The list of channels currenlty includes BBC News 24, BBC World, Euronews, France 24 and Sky News among others.

You can register at the website with no cost and become a beta user. The setup of the application is sraightforward and fast. You can then enjoy the news channels in rather good quality (broadband connection is required).  

What I liked mostly about the application is the menu bar at the bottom, showing the program guide for the channel (whenever this is available) and the soft switching between the channels; i.e. the channel’s audio dies out nicely and in a soft manner until the next channel loads.

Overall the application seems nicely packaged, has no complex bells and whistles, has tidy menus and above all it looks well made. 

According to Livestation’s website more channels will be added soon, giving a much wider choice to the viewer.

Hulu tv platform

Another tv content providing platform showed up on the internet these days…or at least I just found out about it. Its name is Hulu (pretty weird and not appropriate for tv?!) and it offers (or it will rather offer) primetime shows like Prison Break, The Office, Bionic Woman, etc.

From screenshots on Hulu’s website, the web application seems pretty neat and slick; it will allow you to share videos via email and even embed these in a website.


Unfortunately, Hulu is still in a beta phase so we could not get our hands on it and give it a go! My guess is also that  it will not be available for users outside the US, so we will have to wait and see.

Audi tv launches

Car maker Audi have launched their own internet tv channel at Audi tv features, what else, anything that has to do with Audi cars, from short films featuring new Audi vehicles, to lifestyle documentaries exploring cities from around the world (in Audi car of course).

The stream quality is very good, as well as the quality of the programs shown. The channel is divided in five sections; “Audi tv live”, “behind the scenes”, “on the road”, “sports center” and “life and style”.

Audi A2

Tape it off the Internet or TIOTI

We posted about Graboid a day or so ago and here is another service that allows you to locate, watch and download your favorite favourite shows off the internet. This is TIOTI. We have not tried out this service yet, but we will be posting more as soon as we get our hands on it.

Graboid – watching tv shows for free

A new tv service has surfaced these days (or we have just discovered it) on the internet. This is Graboid and it allows you to watch tv shows and movies for free, in streaming mode.

The service requires you to create an account (free account option exists) and allows you to watch and download a show. Graboid advertises that it features more than 60,000 tv shows and movies and that its quality and speed are better than competitors like Veoh, Peekvid, etc.

The free Graboid account has a limit of 5GB transfer/month, whereas the Platinum account, costing $24.97/month, offers unlimited transfer bandwidth.

Champions League 18 September 2007

The Champions League starts again tonight with some interesting games. Here is a website with all the game listings for satellite tv. The site gets updated every day and lists pretty much most of the football games (and other sports events) from around the globe.

Joost now available

Joost, originally codenamed “The Venice Project”, is the brainchild of Skype and Kazaa founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström and is available for use as a beta product. The product is only accessible by invitation.

I was able to get my hands on an invitation and voila! I can use Joost. And let me tell you that this product will stir things up and definitely change the way we watch TV.

So let us take things in order. The setup of Joost is very easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen; which are simple and Skypy. At some point you will need to provide details for creating a Joost account. Once the setup is complete (less than three mintes), Joost loads the TV content and you are off to your free(!) TV content enjoyment world.

There are many, many channels to choose from and watch, such as entertainment channels, lifestyle channels, sports channels, channels with documentaries, comedy shows and so on. A few notable content providers that already have an agreement with Joost and offer content on the Joost platfrom are National Geographic, MTV, Much Music and Reuters.

National Geographic on Joost

As a program now, Joost is amazing and flawless (at least until now that I have tested it). When using it, it feels that you are navigating through the electronic program guide of your local cable/satellite provider. You get to see an easy to scroll-through list of channels, as well as a control panel at the bottom of the screen, which provides info about the program you are watching, the legth of it, capabilites to pause/start it, etc.

Loading the content does not take a lot of time; on the contrary I would say that the response time is pretty short (of course a broadband connection is needed). Once the content is loaded you can kick back and enjoy it in full screen mode or in a window. The perfect scenario would be to get a media PC for your living room (and of course connect it to the internet) and watch Joost TV on your big screen. 😉

The Joost platform will be funded by commercias that will be played, I guess, before or after the content is seen. It is also P2P powered (just like KAzaa and Skype are), which explains the good loading performance of the system.

And now down to the dirty details of getting an invitation. Go here and submit your details so you can get an email inviting you to Joost.

Satellite shop – another one for Cyprus

And speaking of satellite receivers (see previous post) here is another online shop I came across, which sells satellite receivers (MVision and Humax), LCDs, speakers and more.

Dreambox DM600 PVR

I know that you are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of DM8000, but another receiver coming out soon is the DM600 PVR edition. The key functionality featured by this receiver will be its support for a 2.5″ hard disk of any capacity. This means that you can implement a PVR satellite receiver box with it. It will go for 199 CYP (indicative price from one shop).

Para Pente online – revisited

A lot of people have been complaining that they could not find anymore the latest episodes of Para Pente. The latest news though seem to be that you can now find the episodes on (greek-movies seem to have changed their storage place 😉 ).

Just 1)download the Veoh player, 2)search for “para pente” and 3)you are good and ready for downloading the episodes you want (an account needs to be created first). By the way, Veoh player looks very simple, easy to use with a nice interface; almost applish looking.

Dreambox DM8000 on sale – expected May 2007

One Cyprus online store is advertising the new and highly anticipated satellite receiver by Dream-Multimedia, the DM8000. The receiver has all the goodies one could ever want and need for watching satellite tv.

It features a twin DVB tuner, it is HDTV compatible, wi-fi ready (for communicating with your home network) and has 3 USB ports; just to name a few of its specs. The price? 550 Cyprus pounds. A bit on the high-end but a good purchase for the serious satellite hobbyist.

Bravia advert

Most probably you have seen the Bravia ad on tv. Now you can download the ad and get all the info you need on how it was made, what was used during the making of it and even download “behind the scenes” clips.


Classic FM TV

Classic Fm, the well known classical music station from Britain, now has its own tv station airing over the internet; Classic FM TV. The station broadcasts classical music video clips, movie soundtracks (for example Star Wars) and all sorts of programming revolving around classical music. If classical music is of your taste then check it out.

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