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iPhone 3Gs in Cyprus – 999 euros

Are these guys for real? 999 euros for a phone? (Look at I mean come on! It is just a phone at the end of the day and I don’t think it is worth spending 999 euros at 16GB, when it sells much much cheaper abroad (on contract).

Some people do take an advantage of the whole hype and make some big bucks (euros).


Cyprus loses to Italy in stopage time 1 – 2

From “The Udinese Calcio striker scored an early opener and a late winner for Marcello Lippi’s side, who struggled to cope with Cyprus throughout this Group 8 encounter following Efstathios Aloneftis’s equaliser. The Azzurri also lost Alessandro Gamberini and Fabio Grosso to serious-looking injuries in the opening 20 minutes”.

World Cup 2010 – Cyprus vs. Italy

The 2010 World Cup preliminary games are underway and Cyprus will be hosting Italy this coming Saturday, with the World Cup holders calling some of their big stars for the game. Below is the Italian side’s call-up list.

Goalkeepers: Marco Amelia (Palermo), Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Morgan De Sanctis (Galatasaray)

Defenders: Andrea Barzagli (Wolfsburg), Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Marco Cassetti (AS Roma), Andrea Dossena (Liverpool), Alessandro Gamberini (Fiorentina), Fabio Grosso (Lyon), Nicola Legrottaglie (Juventus), Gianluca Zambrotta (AC Milan).

Midfielders: Alberto Aquilani (AS Roma), Mauro Camoranesi (Juventus), Daniele De Rossi (AS Roma), Gennaro Gattuso (AC Milan), Angelo Palombo (Sampdoria), Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan).

Forwards: Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus), Antonio Di Natale (Udinese), Alberto Gilardino (Fiorentina), Vincenzo Iaquinta (Juventus), Luca Toni (Bayern Munich).

Summer 2008 – vacation time is near

Can you tell that we are getting in vacation mode? 🙂

I hope you have arranged your vacation plans; there many places to visit, both in Cyprus and abroad and many things to do, so enjoy!

Jimmy Van M in Cyprus, July 2008

Jimmy Van M will be playing in Limassol @ Guaba Beach Bar, on the 13th of July 2008. I will not be wasting time in explaining who he is and what he has done nor how good of a dj he is. This is an event not to be missed.

Cablenet Cyprus – more speed!

We love the fact that more internet providers are coming to life in Cyprus. This means more options for consumers and hopefully better speeds at lower prices.

Cablenet is a relatively new internet provider and the only cable player in Cyprus (everyone else offering internet over ADSL). The company is offering triple-play services at pretty competitive prices, with their base internet speed being at 2Mbps and priced at 45.90 euros! The service includes tv and telephony.

This is a way better deal than what PrimeTel is offering (a similar priced package from PrimeTel would get you a much lower internet speed, only 750 Kbps, along with the same tv channels and telephony service).

We hope Cablenet expands its network soon enough to cover more areas.

Cyprus Classical website

It’s nice to see such a website finally, Cyprus Classical, catering for local classical music events. According to the website this “…is a resource covering all aspects of classical music, opera and dance in Cyprus.”

The section I like the most is the “Events”. There you can find a rather comprehensive list of classical/opera/dance events going on for the next few months all around the island.

Of course the website could still use a better design, but it is something to start with. 😉

Limassol Carnival 2008

It’s that time of the year again and everyone is getting ready to celebrate the carnival in Limassol, the end of which marks the beginning of Lent.

 The Limassol Municipality has again organised a series of events starting from 28 February, 2008 and ending on the 9th of March, 2008 with the Grand Carnival parade. So drop by and have fun!

PrimeTel offer – 2Mbps connection

This is a first for Cyprus; at least I have not seen any other offer for 2Mbps for household use. PrimeTel, a triple-play provider, is now offering to home users the ability to connect to the internet with 2Mbps.

Even though such connection speeds are not comparable to the ones we come accross abroad (e.g. in the US or UK), it is still amazing that users have such an otpion now and that we (slowly) but steadily get an upgraded service.


The connection to 2Mbps costs 42,63 euros per month for new subscribers (if they subscribe by the end of March, 2008), with some rules applying.

Cold setting over Limassol tonight

Cold weather has hit Limassol as well and the temperature is expected to drop down to 2C later tonight.

Limassol tonight

Sigma Live news portal

New kid on the block. Sigma Live has made its appearance in beta mode (registration required or try with the aim of offering news as they happen.

As expected, the site primarily covers current affairs from Cyprus through many sections such as news, sports, economy, music, etc.

The site has a clean, breezy look and feel and shows well balanced on the browser window, with a nice and easy-to-browse- through layout.

Cyprus presidential elections 2008

Cypriots will go to the polls on Sunday, 17th of February, 2008 to elect their next president. There are three main candidates running for the president’s office, all attracting an approximately equal portion of the electorate.

Useful information for the elections can be found at, whereas the main candidates’ websites are: Dimitris ChristofiasIoannnis Kasoulides and Tassos Papadopoulos (appearing in alphabetical order).   

The power of User Interface

I am an avid user of the internet and one of the things I do month after month, online, is to pay my bills. This is what I have done last December too (in 2006 that is); I paid my bills and along with that I paid a subscription to a professional body I belong to.

The “paid” subscription, though, has never reached its destination. This was only discovered this year when I received a letter from the professional body I am enrolled to, saying that I owe not only the subscription of 2008 but also the one from 2007; which I thought I paid at the end of 2006.

After many calls to my bank and to the professional body, I was let to know that my payment was wrongly submitted (by me), since one field on the bank’s website was not filled in correctly when I was carrying out the transaction.

The field was and still is simply named “Description”. This field requires a special value to be filled in when making a payment towards the specific professional body and not just any description, as implied by its name. I have missed this, which was noted somewhere on a letter I got from the professional body sometime in 2006. A simple human error. For “Description” I put my own description of the transaction.

My question is why the bank’s system did not catch this error? Shouldn’t it? What would have happened to the payment and associated money if I never bothered to look into the issue of the lost payment and make those 5 or 6 phonecalls left and right?

The answer I got from the bank’s customer sevice representative was that I (the user) did a mistake and therefore it was all my fault and not the bank’s system; or the professional body’s problem that did not bother to work out with the bank the details of such possible erroneous cases.

Damn bad computer systems (and the idiot designers behind them)! Another case of bad Interface Design.

Christmas in Limassol

Christmas is around the  corner and Limassol seems more like a city, with people strolling around the shops and the beachfront and with streets having more buzz than usual. Hopefully the weather will get a bit more wintery too, to add to the Christmas spirit.

Some of the events running through the holidays can be found on the Limassol Municipality’s website. Enjoy!